The world is evolving rapidly but the hotel experience has been left behind. We have created Qbic because there are millions of us who demand better.

This is a new kind of modern hotel where the basics are perfect: a spotless, soundless room, a lavishly comfortable bed, a powerful shower, and free wifi. But the basics are only the start. We treat a hotel not merely as a place to sleep but as a meeting place for the like-minded. A theatre for the spontaneous. A space that opens to its surrounding area and welcomes life in.

This is why you’re welcome to take your breakfast out to the park across the road. Or have your meeting in the lounge.

This is why the staff member helping you may turn out to be a skilled juggler. Or why you may find that the basement of your cool hotel contains a workshop where bicycles are being made from abandoned parts. Or why we source our food from a local organisation that also provides food for the needy and homeless.

Hotels shouldn’t shut life out. They should make your life more interesting, and give you stories to tell. That is why we’ve created Qbic. Our modern hotels are for those people who put a premium on the creative as much as the convenient, but who don’t feel this should mean a premium price.