An unconventional crisis requires an unconventional solution

Publicatiedatum: 24-05-2014
IISO Media & Communication

Paul Iske and Hubert Saint Onge

Worldwide, financial and economic experts struggle to make sense of the credit crisis and the resulting economic recession and to find meaningful solutions. Everyone agrees that the situation  contains unprecedented aspects, so that applications of lessons from the past do not guarantee  success. We will need a paradigm shift to sort this out .As Einsten said: “We need new ways of thinking to solve problems caused by the old ways of thinking.”  It seems naïve to believe that the answers to the current challenges can be found exclusively within traditional disciplines dealing with finance and economics .Let’s face it: the conventional experts didn’t predict the crisis to the full extent and for sure they didn’t stop it from happening! Therefore, we need ‘new combinations’, in other words the involvement of other areas of expertise .We propose to leverage the creativity and the paradigm shifts that can be produced when we bring different disciplines into collaborative thinking where combination of the knowledge of many from different perspectives will result insignificant new insights and results.

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