Paul Rinkens (Netherlands)

Publicatiedatum: 05-05-2014
IISO Media & Communication

After graduating the Maastricht Hotelmanagement school in 1985, Paul Rinkens worked at different hotel chains in various positions. After a few years in London, Paul decided to come back to the Netherlands to take over his parents’ hotel in Maastricht. He changed the traditional hotel of his parents into a designhotel called La Bergère. This transmission has come into existence through an idea, a passion and partly through artlessness; Paul did not see any dangers! He believes that the foundation lies in vision, not in “copy and paste” ideas from others. After selling La Bergère to Eden Hotels, Paul started with his own chain – Paul Rinkens Hotels- but even before the initial start, Paul decided that it was not his goal to have his own chain. It is not about the person Paul Rinkens; he lays down an idea and a vision, then others take over the torch and together they go to the Olympics! Paul Rinkens has developed among others La Bergère, St. Martins Lane en Qbic Hotels. Paul likes to describe himself as ‘creapreneur’ or ‘conceptionair’.